Weapon Offenses

Weapon charges and offenses are taken extremely seriously by all types of law enforcement, judges and prosecutors. Any crime involving a deadly weapon, especially when it has caused direct harm and damage to another, is taken very seriously even if you had no intention to use the weapon when the crime or accident happened. Merely possessing a deadly weapon, like a firearm, while committing another crime is enough for most law enforcement to justify a deadly weapons charge against you.

If you have been arrested or accused of a weapon offense charge, you need to seek legal representation immediately. With the high-quality legal defense that we provide, you can drastically increase your chances of having weapons charges dropped or other penalties substantially reduced. If you are in Placer County, give us a call today and avoid putting your future at risk.

Related Types of Weapon Charges

Weapon offenses and charges can include, but are not limited, to the following scenarios. All of these are illegal activities and will be considered breaking the law.

  • The illegal sale or trafficking of firearms and other deadly weapons.
  • The possession of a prohibited weapon (varies from state to state). These may include ballistic knives, blowguns, butterfly knives, acoustic anti-personnel devices, whips with metal lashes and many more. You must consult legal advice to determine which weapons are prohibited in Calfornia at this time.
  • Illegal discharge of a firearm or other deadly projectile weapon.
  • Felony possession of a firearm.
  • Armed robbery.

Consequences of a Weapon Offense Charge

The impact that a weapon offense charge has on you can be devastating for many aspects of your life. Not only may you face heavy fines, but you may also have to face several years in a state or federal prison and will lose your ability to legally carry a weapon.

Additionally, being convicted with a criminal record involving weapon offenses will make it extremely difficult to find a decent job immediately after the criminal charge or upon leaving prison. It will be a long road to recovery if you do not take the actions to help avoid, prevent or reduce the consequences of a criminal weapon charge.

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