Federal Crimes

Each state has a unique set of laws and penalties, which means that most crimes are tried and finalized at a state level, rather than a federal level. Under most cases, a crime will be charged with a sentence (or penalty) according to the laws of the state that the offense took place. However, there are a variety of crimes that are considered federal crimes that may be handled in federal court.

Federal crimes are considered more serious in nature and may include ‘white collar crimes,’ such as fraud and forgery. When a federal crime is committed, federal agencies like the FBI can step in and overrule state agencies to charge you with the crime. In some cases, these agencies may have been keeping surveillance on you, your home, and your business long before the arrest.

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Types of Federal Crimes

There are well over a hundred different categories of offenses, violations and crimes that can be tried on a federal level. Listed below are some of the most commonly charged federal crimes. These crimes will be handled differently than they would at a state level and can accrue much higher penalties and consequences.

Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy fraud is a white-collar crime that takes different forms, generally involving one or multiple types of fraud attempts in an effort to reduce or eliminate the financial consequences of bankruptcy. This federal crime is often associated with other crimes, like identity theft, mortgage fraud, money laundering and more and may include:

  • Concealment of assets to avoid forfeiting them to creditors. This type of bankruptcy fraud has been found to be the most common.
  • Intentionally filing false or incomplete forms.
  • Presenting multiple forms (with either true or false information) in various states.
  • Bribing a court-appointed trustee.

Loan or Mortgage Application Fraud

Mortgage fraud is a federal crime in which an individual intentionally offers false information on a mortgage loan application. The goal of most application fraud attempts is to claim a loan (or substantially larger loan) that wouldn’t otherwise be available had the debtor given complete and true information.

Bribery, Gratuity, and Extortion

Bribery, gratuity, and extortion are all federal crimes that involve the exploitation of money in some form or another.

  • Bribery is the attempt to persuade another person to do something (often illegal) in exchange for money or another benefit.
  • Gratuity is usually a discount, gift or benefit that one receives as a result of their profession. Certain professions have a code of ethics that make it unlawful to accept gratuities while on the job.
  • Extortion is the act of obtaining anything (usually money) through the use of force, intimidation or threats.


Conspiracy is a concealed strategy by an individual or group planning to do something unlawful for personal gain.


Embezzlement is the theft or redistribution of one’s belongings (placed into the care or trust of another).

Identity Theft

Identity theft is the fraudulent acquisition and use of another person’s identification information (usually private).

Medicare or Medicaid Fraud

Medicare or Medicaid Fraud is the collection of certain health care reimbursements under false claims with the intent to claim money from the Medicare program illegally.

Mail or Wire Fraud

Mail or Wire Fraud is a fraudulent scheme with the intent to deprive another person of specific services, like the mail or wire telecommunications, in order to obtain property or finances that do not belong to them.

Money Laundering

Money Laundering is the concealment of illegally obtained money by filtering them through foreign banks or functioning and legitimate businesses.


Perjury is willfully telling the court a lie after having taken an oath.

Tax Fraud or Evasion

Tax Fraud or Evasion is the illegal process of avoiding having to pay taxes or providing false information to reduce taxes owed to the government.

Child Pornography

Child Pornography is the possession of pornographic material involving children, regardless of intent.

Securities Fraud

Securities Fraud is the unlawful process of providing investors and other markets with false information with the sole intent of having individuals make poor purchasing and sale decisions, in violation of securities laws.

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