Drug Charges

Under most federal and state laws, it is entirely illegal to own (possess), manufacture, sell or distribute non-prescribed drugs. These drugs include marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamine, PCP and cocaine.

If you are facing criminal charges that relate to any controlled substance, it is crucial that you contact the legal team at our firm. The penalties imposed for drug charges in California can be severe and you do not want to go through a drug related case on your own.

Three Main Categories of Drug Related Crimes

All three of these categories are classified as ‘drug charges’ in Placer County. These categories help to classify the type and intent of the crime involved in the case.

Use-Related Drug Crime

Use-related drug crimes include an individual or group who ingests drugs and/or those that commit a crime as a direct result of the ingestion of drugs that have impacted their behaviors and thought processes.

Economic-Related Drug Crime

Economic-related drug crimes involve any crime that is conducted by an individual with the sole purpose of funding their drug habits. These kinds of crimes can include theft, damage of property, prostitution and more.

System-Related Drug Crime

System-related drug crimes involve the overall structure of the drug system. These crimes can include the manufacturing, production, transportation and sale of drugs, as well as any violence that may be related to the sale or manufacture of drugs (e.g., a turf war).

Types of Drug Charges

While most drug charges have associated penalties that include prison or jail time, the kind of drug involved with your arrest can impact the severity of the overall charges. Listed below are some drug charges that you can be arrested for.


Drug possession is the crime of having at least one illegal drug on your person, either for use, distribution, sale or any other intended purpose. Sentences and penalties as a result of drug possession vary based on the substance discovered, the quantity, and the jurisdiction. This can also include the possession of drug related paraphernalia.


Drug trafficking is the unlawful trade encompassing the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and sales of illegal substances. This form of trafficking is considered a globally illicit trade, and can involve an individual regardless of what state they are in.


Illegal drug distribution is the direct transfer of an illegal substance to another person, regardless if it was in exchange for money or other product and service. To the law, it does not matter if the distribution was successful or not: an attempted distribution of drugs is still considered a distribution.

Laws can and will vary from state to state across the country. Make sure that you know all of the laws and regulations that are involved with any drug that you take, even if they are prescribed for a medical condition. These laws were created to help protect against the sale and use of drugs in an illegal manner.

Penalties of a Drug Crime

As laws can vary from state to state or between the state and federal levels, so too can the penalties. These will vary drastically depending on where you were accused and the specific charge that was given. For example, the use of marijuana may be illegal in one state but legal in another. Listed below are some factors that can impact the severity of an arrest.

  • The type of crime that was committed.
  • The kind of drug that was involved at the time of the offense.
  • The quantity of the drug that was found or ingested.
  • Whether or not there were any minors that were involved in the crime.
  • Whether weapons were present or found at the scene or not.
  • The defendant’s criminal history, especially pertaining to previous drug charges.
  • Whether there were other crimes committed in conjunction with the drug charge.

If you have been accused of a criminal drug charge, know that you do not need to handle it on your own. You have every right to obtain legal counseling and guidance. At the Law Offices of Terry L. Gilbeau, we are committed to helping defend each of our clients. We help protect those arrested on drug charges in Placer County, including the cities of Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Granite Bay and the surrounding areas.

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