Three Strike Law

If you have been accused or convicted of multiple felonies, you may be at an even greater risk than you realize. In California, there is the “Three Strike Law” that introduces more stringent penalties and consequences for criminals that meet specific conditions.

If you qualify as a criminal that may be subject to the Three Strike Law, you need to contact us immediately to reduce the chances of falling victim to the consequences of the Three Strike Law.

What is the Three Strike Law?

In California, the Three Strike Law is a modern day law that introduces increased penalties for an individual’s third felony offense if that felony was of violent nature. Prior to amendments, the Three Strike Law enhanced penalties for those charged with three or more felony offenses.

The Three Strike Law within California references a baseball metaphor: “On the third strike, you are out.”

What are the increased penalties for a third strike?

On a criminal’s third felony (or “strike”) that is a violent offense, he or she is considered “out.” At this point, the individual is subject to at least 25 years in prison, all the way to a lifetime of imprisonment. It does not matter what the nature of the offense is, only as long as it satisfies the conditions of being a “third” offense, being a “felony” and of “violent” nature.

The Three Strike Law also makes it more difficult for an individual who qualifies to be subjected to the Three Strike Law to receive anything other than a life sentence. The strict sentencing guidelines associated with the Three Strikes Law makes for a very serious situation. Due to the intricacy of criminal law, you want to make sure that you do not go through it alone.

If you are at risk of falling under the Three Strike Law in Placer County, including Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Granite Bay and the surrounding areas, then you need to seek our legal counselling immediately. At The Law Offices of Terry L. Gilbeau, we are experts on criminal defense in California and can help you with your situation, regardless of how severe it is.

Don’t go against the Three Strike Law alone. Let us assist you through the entire process.